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22 August 2007 @ 02:27 am
y control / zelda x ilia / #79: when?  
Title: y control
Author: ryutsuki
Fandom: Twilight Princess
Pairing: Zelda x Ilia
Rating: M
Theme #: 79 (When?)
Disclaimer: Zelda, Ilia, and Link (c) Nintendo

1sentence; Zelda/Ilia: epsilon challenge

#01 - Motion

Much like the trails of her gown as the Princess crossed the throne room to greet her, Ilia had a feeling that their meeting had set a certain destiny in motion.

#02 - Cool

Everything about the Princess was, of course, gorgeous, and as Zelda extended her hand to her, Ilia wished she could appear so cool.

#03 - Young

Young girls were the only ones who were supposed have their hearts flitter so violently upon meeting a woman of Zelda's stature, platonic attraction or not, and Ilia couldn't help but think her grown heart was odd.

#04 - Last

She felt the room become unbearably hot as she saw the Princess looking her over, and trying to overcome her embarassment at being such a uncultured young woman, she took Zelda's hand at last.

#05 - Wrong

Zelda smiled and greeted her with a voice that sounded so unbearably charming; she was supposed to be a cold and haughty princess, and for Ilia to receive any other treatment just seemed wrong.

#06 - Gentle

Gentle, nervous words passed between them as they conversed on simple, safe subjects such as their mutual friend Link and his heroism.

#07 - One

One of these days, Ilia thought as she gave the Princess the most charming smile she remembered from when she practiced in front of the mirror for hours before they met, she was going to have to thank Link for orchestrating their meeting.

#08 - Thousand

Ilia wasn't going to pretend that she had the purest motives when she asked (practically begged, really) Link to persuade Her Royal Highness to meet such a lowly commoner such as herself; after hearing so much about her from the Hero, something inside her heart told her that she had to give herself to this woman, though...Ilia was sure the number of suitors Zelda already had was at least a thousand.

#09 - King

Under the guise of 'girl talk', Ilia subtly approached the subject of suitors and was elated when Zelda told her that as long as her reign continued there was not, nor would ever be, a king.

#10 - Learn

They continued to discuss what seemed like everything under the sun, and it was just too soon when a guard announced that it was now time for Zelda's daily meeting with her subjects; but there was so much about her that Ilia wanted to learn.

#11 - Blur

Perhaps seeing Ilia's crestfallen expression, Zelda took her hand and promised that they would see each other in a week when she was back from a trip to a neighboring province; they parted, and Ilia went back to her friends and family in Ordon, but despite the slow pace of Ordonian life, the week still seemed to pass in a hazy blur.

#12 - Wait

It wasn't until three days after that initial week had gone past that Ilia received a royal letter requesting her presence in Castle Town in two days, and the next forty-eight hours were unbearable...but even forty-eight seconds would have been too much of a wait.

#13 - Change

Ilia traveled on horseback accompanied by Rusl through Kakariko Village and smirked as she remembered wanting to be Link's girl even when she had amnesia, confiding her secrets with Telma and Renado; my, how things had the tendency to change...

#14 - Command

With Rusl's extensive knowledge of the area and its shortcuts, it wasn't too long afterwards that they arrived in Town, greeted immediately by guards stationed at all entrances for the sole purpose of greeting Ilia by Zelda's royal command.

#15 - Hold

They escorted her without haste through the square, up the steps, and into the castle foyer where Zelda and her entourage stood, using the time to proof-read the Princess's correspondences; at the sight of Ilia, though, Zelda immediately suggested that she give the girl a tour of the courtyard alone, and as soon as Ilia came the two women departed with the Princess leaving all her documents for her frustrated advisors to hold.

#16 - Need

Need dictated their brisk walk to the courtyard, with both of them seeming to want to get as far away as possible from the others...while brushing each other slightly.

#17 - Vision

Once they reached the courtyard, both Zelda and Ilia let out a simultaneous sigh and laughed quietly once they realized they had done so; Zelda took Ilia's hand so tenderly with her gloved fingers and gave her such an adoring gaze that Ilia was sure something was wrong with her vision.

#18 - Attention

For the next hour or so, Zelda doted on Ilia, much to the girl's surprise, bombarding her with genuine questions, and in general lavishing her with much-wanted attention.

#19 - Soul

Ilia couldn't help but feel incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such beauty - and not just the Princess's, either; the entire dreamy, romantic atmosphere of vines creeping up aged stone in the courtyard seemed to lift her entire soul.

#20 - Picture

Zelda was beautiful when she gave eloquent speeches for the masses, but she was even more beautiful when speaking honestly with Ilia; for the lonely nights she knew she would experience after this moment, Ilia wanted to capture her beauty in a picture.

#21 - Fool

There came a point in their conversation which had inadvertently strayed to the trials they experienced when Hyrule was blanketed in Twilight where Zelda cupped Ilia's cheek with her hand, and Ilia didn't know what wondrous things she had done in a past life to deserve this, but she was grinning like a fool.

#22 - Mad

With her gloved hand still resting on Ilia's cheek, Zelda commented on how her smile brought out her true beauty, and Ilia thought she had finally gone mad.

#23 - Child

It seemed impossible that the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, the world even, had just called her beautiful - a simple farm girl who paled in comparison like a ruddy child!

#24 - Now

Now seemed like a good a time as any, Ilia reckoned, to attempt at flirting, for even if all went wrong, she would have the memory of this moment.

#25 - Shadow

She remarked that was but blight in the presence of her, the Princess of Hyrule, and at first Ilia paled as she thought that maybe she had said the wrong thing when she saw Zelda's expression become unreadable; the clouds moved over the sun and cast a chilling shadow.

#26 - Goodbye

Sure she had ruined everything, Ilia stood up hastily and bid her highness goodbye.

#27 - Hide

Zelda rose up, her darkened expression a sharp twist from the mirth it held before, and at once Ilia just wanted to hide.

#28 - Fortune

Fortune seemed on her side, though, as Zelda placed one hand on Ilia's shoulder and let the other pull her hair back over her ear.

#29 - Safe

She told Ilia that she didn't ever want to hear such self-demeaning words from those beautiful lips again; they embraced in relief, and in her arms Ilia felt once again whole and safe.

#30 - Ghost

They stayed in each others' arms, conversing demurely in a round-about way, when the topic turned to the courtyard itself; Ilia pressed herself against Zelda in mock fright when she spoke of a legend that told of a certain tree haunted by a ghost.

#31 - Book

Zelda reassured that Ilia was safe as the tree in question was on the opposite side of the castle, but she made a mental note to search for more such legends in a book.

#32 - Eye

Ilia laughed, wondering how her life could have taken such a fortunate turn, and she pulled away to look Zelda square in the eye.

#33 - Never

Never did she expect to actually meet and become such a rapid friend of the Princess's, going so far as to embrace her like they were old, comfortable friends, or perhaps even...

#34 - Sing

She didn't even see it coming as Zelda leaned forward and pressed her lips against Ilia's, but when it happened the whole world began to sing.

#35 - Sudden

Ilia enthusiastically returned the kiss, and there in the middle of the courtyard they held each other, kissing with growing passion; Zelda broke off the kiss and replaced her lips with gloved fingers all of a sudden.

#36 - Stop

Mustering up the most pathetic, kitten face Ilia could imagine, she wondered why their kiss - a kiss! - had to stop.

#37 - Time

Time soon brought the answer as Zelda slipped away from Ilia at the sound of her royal advisor's voice, bothering her with some detail she found unimportant.

#38 - Wash

Zelda smiled serenely at her advisor, her reddened lips the only indication of her deviant nature, and attended to his concerns; when she deemed their business finished, she excused herself and Ilia, telling the man that she had to attend to clothing in the wash.

#39 - Torn

Torn between his duty to the Princess (which included following all her orders, no matter how crazy they sounded) and his natural indignation at being so obviously lied to (the Princess took no part in washing her own clothes), Zelda's advisor eventually chose the former path after a frustrated sigh and left the girls alone once again.

#40 - History

Apologetic, Zelda turned to Ilia and explained that she really did have business to attend to, and kissed the girl again after telling her she wanted them to meet again tonight; excited and dizzy, Ilia left the castle and returned to Rusl, all the while wondering about her new place in history.

#41 - Power

Ilia wondered how it came to be that she, a simple girl from a simple life, and the Princess of Hyrule shared such passionate kisses; would she become a hidden luxury of the Princess, or would the Princess see to it that the whole world recognize and accept their affections...if she even had that kind of power?

#42 - Bother

Until nightfall, Ilia spent the remainder of the day conversing idly with Telma about their favorite subject, and though her words were about Link, her thoughts were about her next meeting with the Princess; a part of herself insinuated, though, that the Princess only kissed her to be nice to such a pathetic, backwards girl, and that she shouldn't even bother.

#43 - God

God, she felt as if she was being so driven up the wall by her own thoughts that she hardly even noticed the royal soldier sent to procure her; but without hesitation she followed him in distraction until she found herself guided to the Princess' private chambers.

#44 - Wall

Zelda, clad only in a semi-sheer nightgown, eagerly accepted the girl inside as she quickly dismissed the guard, and Ilia was just about to ask how the rest of her day went when she suddenly found herself pressed between the other woman and the wall.

#45 - Naked

It was as if time had not elapsed between them and they picked up exactly where they left off: the only two people existing in their private world as they exchanged hungry, passionate kisses; some time later they were wrapped around each other on Zelda's bed, naked.

#46 - Drive

Somehow, Ilia was unsurprised that Zelda seemed to be the dominant one, leading all their steps and setting the pace; in a way she appreciated it as it was her first time with a woman, but another part of her wanted to see the royal princess submit to her own sex drive.

#47 - Harm

Ilia groaned as she felt Zelda's fingers pump inside with her thumb rubbing against her, the princess's lips at her neck, and she wondered if she was in heaven, safe from harm.

#48 - Precious

Precious, gasping breaths came from the normally calm and collected Princess, and Ilia watched her chest heave up and down with lust as Zelda came undone from the girl's touch.

#49 - Hunger

Zelda bit Ilia's shoulder in a strangled moan as she orgasmed, and thanks to the Princess's continuing fingers, Ilia met her end as well; and before Ilia could even feel any sadness of the most wonderful hour of so of her life passing, they pressed against each other with roaming hands once more, determined to satisfy an insatiable hunger.

#50 - Believe

Ilia straddled the princess's hips, determined to make it a good round before exhaustion overcame them and they had to face the real world with its consequences together; now, though, was the time for make-believe.
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(Anonymous) on August 25th, 2007 06:50 am (UTC)
You have a wonderful grasp of words and of conveying them meaningfully to the reader. Collectively, these sentences were seamless in the way they highlighted the minute details of these two characters and their individual personalities and interactions. Moreover, these sentences, short as they were, managed to earnestly portray a believable rapport between two characters who never spoke a word to each other within the game itself.

I confess that this story immerses me /a lot/; in fact, I perused all fifty lines and then went and reread them just because I enjoyed it that much.

Kudos for a simplistic yet overall emotional fanfiction. As nonsensical as the couple (Zelda/Ilia) is, you have got a fine grasp on the intricacies of their (presumed) relationship as well as a way of presenting it well. I look forward to reading more from you!

(Ahem. By the way: I'm sorry if I seem somewhat incoherent, but words just cannot express how much awe I have for your writing prowess and for your story itself.)
ryutsuki on August 30th, 2007 04:15 am (UTC)
so yeah, this comment is the ruddy child to your most beautiful woman in the world
Whoa, too much credit! But thank you just the same! :)
quvad on February 17th, 2013 02:38 pm (UTC)
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