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23 November 2007 @ 03:28 pm
#2: Middles; Link + Tetra  
Title: Middles
Author/Artist: loobywibble
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker/ Phantom Hourglass
Pairing: Link+Tetra
Rating: PG
Theme #: 2: Middles
Disclaimer: I only own copies of the games, not the games themselves. Because if I did, would I really be writing this as fanfiction?

2: Middles
Link is addicted to Tetra’s stomach.
It’s a strange fetish to have, he readily admits, but he can’t help it. It all started when the lilac tube-top she liked to wear got a little too short- she’d had a massive growth spurt between fourteen and fifteen- and suddenly there were a few inches of bare, tanned flesh between the waistband of her pants and the bottom of her shirt to contend with. Link, a rather frigid fifteen year old, chose simply not to dwell on the subject, and wondered why he felt so hot under the collar.
Once he’d had his growth spurt and came to terms with his now raging hormones, he took every opportunity to gawp at his friend’s stomach- when she wasn’t looking- and grab her around the middle just to let his fingers brush over the firm, warm flesh that was so tantalisingly exposed to him.
Sometimes he could swear she bought a smaller tube top just to provoke him.
When they became lovers at seventeen, his infatuation turned into a fetish.
There’s a tiny little freckle just below her bottom left rib that’s shaped like a star if you squint at it hard enough, and she’ll squeal like a piglet if you tickle her there. She also has a very small scar, a dimple really, which she tells people she got from being attacked by a Miniblin when she was seven. Link knows it’s a Cucco pox scar: she told him so. Her navel also holds a particular infatuation for him. It’s a perfect little arrow shape, and she’ll wriggle and squirm like a fish on a hook when he nuzzles her there or blows lightly enough to make the fine, near-invisible blonde hairs around it stand on end. He adores the way her belly moves when she’s laughing, really laughing, at some silly joke he’s made.
(For her part, Tetra loves Link’s middle too. She could spend hours tracing patterns on his stomach and often does, delighting in the way his muscles sometimes twitch in response to her fingertips. It almost always makes for some interesting results.)
Now, after three years of exclusive access to Tetra’s personage and intense study of her midriff, Link doesn’t think it could ever be more wonderful and fascinating and beautiful to him. He likes to lie awake at night with Tetra spooned against him, his left hand draped over her naked hip to rest protectively against that part of her body that he loves the most.
Sometimes, if he’s very lucky, Tetra will drowsily cover his hand with hers, and he will smile and snuggle closer before drifting off to sleep. Sometimes, if he’s luckier still, he gets to feel the baby kicking too.
☆彡: Hero LoZpinguinolatino on November 24th, 2007 06:00 am (UTC)
I just found this drabble as well as your other one, and I have to say I love your style. You write such good one shots as well as longer stories. :)