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27 January 2008 @ 11:45 pm
#42: Triangle; Link + Tetra  
Title: Triangle
Author/Artist: loobywibble
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker/ Phantom Hourglass
Pairing: Link+Tetra
Rating: PG
Theme #: 42: Triangle
Disclaimer: I no own, you no sue.

42: Triangle
It’s a funny thing, the Triforce.
Tetra is examining the vibrant yellow mark on the back of her hand, tracing its shape with her left index finger tip and feeling it tingle. Its highest point touches her middle knuckle, but the part that continues to fascinate her is the left one, the one that glows as she touches it.
“Will you stop doing that? You’re making mine play up.”
Link is trying to get to sleep on the sofa in her cabin, but every now and then Tetra feels a warm pulse on her hand and watches as the thin sheet over Link’s left hand lights up accordingly.
“It’s cool though, isn’t it? I mean, one rub and instant nightlight.”
“You’re abusing it, you know. I’m pretty sure that our ancestors didn’t use the power of the gods as a nightlight.”
“Well if they didn’t then they were no fun,” Tetra replies petulantly. “And they were clearly lacking in imagination.”
Unnoticed by Tetra, Link rolls his eyes and rolls over to watch her. She’s sitting cross legged on her bed, watching her hand in fascination.
“Do you reckon our kids will get them when we die? What’s the deal with inheriting these things anyway?”
“Well I found mine, and yours was given to you.”
“Yeah, but they’re inside us now. How do we get them out?”
“I guess we get them to reject us. You’d just need to do something stupid, which in your case that won’t be too difficult.”
Tetra glares at him.
“When did you grow the balls to talk to me that way?”
In response, Link holds up his left hand and smirks and Tetra scowls. For a while, they’re quiet and the only noise in the cabin is the gentle lapping of waves against the timbers of the ship.
“What’d really suck is if we ended up getting married and having a kid together. How would we decide which one he’d get?” Tetra muses after a while.
“Well we’d have to have more than one,” Link reasons. “Then they’d both get one and everyone’s happy.”
“It’s a hypothetical thing anyway,” Tetra adds, grinning at him. “I mean, why would I marry you?”
“Oh yeah,” Link agrees rather too quickly. “Why would I ever want you to breed, let alone with me?”
“So this is a moot point.”
“Go to sleep.”
“I will.”
“Good night.”
“You too.”
For a while, all was quiet until:
“Hey you’re right, it does make a good nightlight.”
ryutsuki on January 28th, 2008 02:29 am (UTC)
Heh <3
Pitten \\ Chaotic Serenity: FIGNUTSwrongly_amused on March 8th, 2008 06:58 am (UTC)
8D I keep missing you update, but I wanted to say that I absolutely adore how you write the couple. Adorable, funny, and witty - and since Link and Tetra are my secret WW OTP, I'm kind of bubbling about with some serious shoujo bubble fangirliness right now.